Taxation Is Theft

Norway is considered the most heavily taxed country in the world, at almost 45% of total GDP being derived from tax collected. Hong Kong is incredibly light in its taxation laws. Where would you rather live? The hatred of paying tax runs deep with many people, but as it’s often said, civilization starts with paying taxes. How would you feel about giving more to your local government, do you think that local services would improve? This lesson is a great way to get your students to think about the role of the state and how to find greater accountability.

This free lesson plan is suitable for adults, teenagers, and General English classes. Each plan includes:

  • A debate motion
  • A summary of the controversy
  • Points for both Pros and Cons
  • Language to use in a debate
  • Debate role cards to help identify student groups

For more information on how to use this in the classroom, please have a look our detailed post on using free lesson plans.

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Download: Tax is theft ESL lesson plan PDF

This is a free lesson plan to be used for non-commercial establishments.

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