Guest blog post

ESL Debates is now accepting ideas for guest posts. Here are some article ideas that can be submitted:

Articles in the form of case studies, how-to guides, instructional pieces, or submissions focusing on translating research into practice that highlights practical implications and can be applied to learning settings.

Opinion pieces addressing the latest news, trends, or issues in e-learning.

Interviews with leading e-learning professionals, researchers, and academics.

Reviews of books, conferences, e-books, tutorial videos, and software related to eLearning. All reviews should present a balanced view, with recognition of both what is good and what is still lacking.

If you’re interested then send a message to themoderator [AT]

When contacting us please try to answer the following:

  • What you are going to write?
  • What is the purpose of your submission?
  • Are you going to include links to other websites?
  • Is your article education related?

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Please note

This website has taken many years to create and many hours of writing to produce content for teachers. This site will not accept SEO-building pitches that are not related to education or debates. If you want to promote your food/clothing/property or non-related business then please do not submit a pitch. Thank you.