Premium Lesson Plans

Here at ESLDebates we’ve created a range of lesson plans that function as a complete package to help guide students through the whole topic to the final debate. Each lesson is stylishly designed and has modern photography and infographics to help engage students in the subject matter.

Each debating pack is 14 pages long and includes; debating rubric, teacher’s notes, warmer questions, facts and statistics, vocabulary exercises, grammar sections, an article with comprehension questions (2-pages long), debating pros and cons, language for debate, and lastly, 12 images to be used in the classroom for additional activities.

Our lessons are available for download on (formerly the Times Education Supplement)

Environmental Crime – Complete Debate Pack £7.00
Artificial Intelligence – Complete Debate Pack £7.00
Eating Disorders – Complete Debate Pack £7.00
Legalised Prostitution – Complete Debate Pack £7.00
Food Tax – Complete Debate Pack £7.00
United Nations – Complete Debate Pack £7.00
Terrorism – Complete Debate Pack £7.00
Immigration – Complete Debate Pack £7.00
Social Media – Complete Debate Pack £7.00
Genetically Modified Food – Complete Debate Pack £7.00


Below is the page layout for Eating Disorders debating pack. It’s photocopy ready and in PDF format and for IWB display and annotation. Debates are suitable for ESL/EFL learners but also for Citizenship and English Language classes to stimulate debate and discussion.