Mothers should stay at home and look after children

Women are being bombarded with messages that they can ‘have it all’, marriage, children and develop a career just so they can be seen as a successful woman. There are consequences to pursuing these lifestyle choices. Children are often looked after by a nanny, mothers are working over-time at work, and family life is neglected. Others say that paid work makes mothers happier and can, over long periods of time, improves living standards. There are even more options to work part-time or flexible hours which can allow mothers to continue their career choices after childbirth.

This free lesson plan is suitable for adults, teenagers and General English classes. Each plan includes:

  • A debate motion
  • A summary of the controversy
  • Points for both Pros and Cons
  • Language to use in a debate
  • Debate role cards to help identify student groups

For more information on how to use this in the classroom, please have a look our detailed post on using free lesson plans.

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