Voting should be mandatory

With an increasingly violate political climate, the case can be made that voting should be mandatory. There are points to both sides. One side believes that a country is only as strong as it’s citizens. That means they participate in the government on both a local and federal level. Level: Intermediate: B1/B2Running Time: 90 minutes … Read more

Begging should be banned

With the economy getting as low as it is, and people losing their jobs, some people have turned to begging in order to make enough. However, they are not the only ones doing this, some pretend to be poor in order to make a specific amount of money each day for doing otherwise nothing. So, … Read more

Automation and AI will help society

Automation is when we take something that otherwise is done by humans, such as driving and make them automated. AI is Artificial Intelligence, which means technology that is becoming as smart, or smarter, than humans. These together can alter society in many ways, either for better or for worse. Level: Intermediate: B1/B2 Running Time: 90 … Read more

Taxation Is Theft

Norway is considered the most heavily taxed country in the world, at almost 45% of total GDP being derived from tax collected. Hong Kong is incredibly light in its taxation laws. Where would you rather live? The hatred of paying tax runs deep with many people, but as it’s often said, civilization starts with paying taxes. How … Read more

Household Pets Should Live Indoors

Some individuals and families look at their pets as another member of their household while other individuals look at pets as protection for their home or something to rid the area of rodents. Studies have shown that people who have pets have improved health, lower blood pressure and happier relationships. Level: Intermediate: B1/B2 Running Time: … Read more

Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalised

Assisted suicide is when a medical professional helps another person to end their life. While this sounds harmful, there are many cases in real life where such a procedure is desired and needed. People who have incurable diseases which give them constant pain with little chance of improvement, severe terminal illnesses, and incurable conditions where … Read more

Animals Should Not Be Used for Entertainment

Circuses, zoos, aquariums, dog fighting, hunting, fishing, horse racing, bullfighting… all of these practices keep animals in captivity and use them against their will for human entertainment. People take part, considering them to be fun, entertaining, artistic or cultural, but none justify the forcing of animals into confinement, to suffer and die, for our benefit. … Read more

The Government Should Introduce a Sugar Tax

Over the years obesity has taken a foothold in many western societies. The average citizen’s weight has almost doubled from around 80 years prior. The diet people have is now laden with sugar and complex fats, it is definitely affecting the nation’s waistline and wellbeing. Level: Intermediate: B1/B2 Running Time: 90 minutes + Materials included … Read more

North Korea and South Korea: What Are The Developments?

We are entering an important moment in history. The two Koreas, which have been at war since 1945, are experiencing a warming of relations with the leaders of the two nations agreeing to meet. The first of its kind discussions are a sign that the two nations are able to negotiate an agreement to not … Read more

Exotic pet ownership should be restricted

Exotic pet ownership is on the rise and presents a multitude of problems. Exotic pets should be left to professional handlers and zoo keepers and organisations that have the training, expertise and licenses to maintain and care for these animals. Level: Intermediate: B1/B2 Running Time: 90 minutes + Materials included This free lesson plan is … Read more

Windrush Generation: Who Are They and Why Are They Facing Problems?

Windrush generation

If you’ve been watching the news of late, especially in the UK, then you will have heard news of a group of people who are being targeted by the government. We’re not talking any specific religion or creed, but that of Commonwealth citizens from the Caribbean. Citizens of the British Empire who came to the … Read more

Democracy is the best form of government

Churchill once said “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that been tired from time to time”. Just like any complex system it is never perfect. So, are there any ways to improve democracy. Level: Intermediate: B1/B2 Running Time: 90 minutes + Materials included This free lesson plan is … Read more