How Does Science Fiction Influence the Real World?

how does science fiction influence reality

Warmer questions  Have you seen any sci-fi films or tv shows? What are your favourites and why? Can you describe any futuristic technology that you’ve seen in these shows? Are they realistic? Could they become reality one day? Do you feel that modern technology, like being able to have video calls with multiple people from … Read more

Should Schoolgirls Be Allowed to Wear Short Skirts in School?

Warmer questions Did you wear a uniform at school? What was it and did you like wearing it? Have school uniforms become fashionable these days? Reading section Individually uniform A school uniform is a compulsory set of standardized clothes worn for an educational institution. Wearing a school uniform is considered to be a British tradition … Read more

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry: Government Surveillance

government spying and limiting their rights. State surveillance

Warmer questions Do you safe when you are walking around the city? The police frequently use CCTV cameras to prevent crime, do they make you feel safer? How comfortable are you with sharing information about your private life? Reading section Move along citizen In a world that is becoming at risk of terrorism and all … Read more

Do Tax Breaks Actually Help Society?

Tax breaks for the rich

Warmer questions How many taxes do you pay? Which taxes are unnecessary? Why do people dislike paying tax? Do you think the government spends money wisely? How could it improve? Reading section Too rich for their own good? Income inequality has become a huge problem in the U.S.A (and around the world), within the last few … Read more

Should We Ban Begging?

Should be ban begging. A debate

Warmer questions Where you live do you see many people who are homeless and begging? Do you give them money or food? Can you trust what they say? Are local governments doing enough to help them? How do you think they become homeless? Reading section Unworthy of money? Imagine this. You are walking along a … Read more