TED Talk: How Diversity Makes Teams More Innovative

Rocío LorenzoatTED@BCG How diversity makes teams more innovative

The last 20 years have seen a rapid change to the way we live our lives, for the better. Bringing more diverse workers into companies not only make them more representative but also allows for cognitive diversity. This means that when we have different people in a given workgroup, we allow for new ways of … Read more

TED Talk: Should We Create a Solar Shade to Cool the Earth?

should we use a solar shade to cool the earth. ted talks. geoengineering.

The topic of geoengineering will become an increasingly popular item in the news. The chance to give humanity time to move to sustainable technologies and green energy is an opportunity that is worth taking. Sadly, there are many drawbacks and such a project on this global scale has never been done before. For geoengineering to … Read more

Business: Corporate Social Responsibility at the Saïd Business School

Corporate Social Responsibility

Warmer questions Should companies be more involved in how society is run more fairly? Is it possible for companies to make society better? If companies are indeed a force for good, how can they be made accountable for their actions? Reading section The fluctuating needs within society drive business to recognise the broader landscape they … Read more

TED Talk: The Era of Personal DNA Testing Is Here

The pros and cons of DNA testing is not yet clear. How doctors, consumers, governments, and DNA testing companies (like 23 and me) come to an arrangement which benefits everyone is still some time away. When also including new potential uses for the technology it becomes ever clearer that this topic will be around for … Read more

Business: Mercer’s View on Crowdsourcing and the Gig Economy

gig economy, crowd sourcing, AI, robotics

Finding new roles for redundant workers represents automated businesses’ next challenge. However, if used wisely and effectively –and disadvantages aside– automation technology can yield substantial opportunities for the future. There is an opportunity to relieve humans from repetitive, hazardous, and unpleasant labour in most scenarios. And there is, also, an opportunity for future automation technologies … Read more

Business: How Smart Is Today’s Artificial Intelligence?

How smart is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has huge potential advantages. Some people are even of the view that the benefits of artificial intelligence prevail over the risks associated with it. Whether it is making a phone call or suggesting a near-by restaurant, AI is paving the way for more resourceful lives. However, giving power to machines may ease out … Read more

Business: The Big Debate on the Future of Work

the future of automation

By anticipating how robots and automated systems will shift the nature of the workplace, industries should be able to create new roles based on automation and thus improve the employment prospects of labour around the world. We have more lessons regarding changes in the business landscape here which can encourage further discussion. To download the … Read more

Business: JP Morgan’s Perspective on the Development of Islamic Finance

debate: islamic finance

Over the years, Islamic finance has grown at a rapid pace globally and is now a market worth trillions of dollars. However, it is Islamic finance’s ethical nature the one drawing the interest of non-Muslims clients, as it continues to address the challenges of reconciling the contrasting worlds of our modern business scenario and faith. … Read more

Why I No Longer Use TES.com and Decided to Go It Alone

Being able to share with the world debating lessons and ideas for the classroom has been a desire for a very long time. For the average ‘free’ lesson, it takes around 4 hours of work, from researching the topic, finding a video on YouTube, and to then draft and finalise the text. It all takes … Read more

56 Debating Topics on Religion and Faith

God and religion debates

Around the world, there are approximately 6 billion people who have a moderate to a strong belief in some faith or religion. Conversely, only 16% of the world does not associate themselves with a religion. Given these statistics, it’s clear that the principles taught and recited on a daily basis in faith-based institutions are a … Read more

Business: Carbon Tax Through Cap and Trade

Carbon tax and trade

Our human influence on the earth is causing carbon dioxide amounts to increase. With heated debates on global warming, questions about what benefits the carbon tax will bring also remain. Companies and organisations see carbon taxation as a negative trait, while environmentalists would certainly view it as a very righteous thing. Based on the advantages … Read more

Business: Managing Security and IT Integration

Software security

During the last decades, OT and IT were developed and managed to maintain separate technology protocols, standards, governance models, and organizational units. Nevertheless, over the last few years, OT has been progressively adopting IT-like technologies. Though many security vulnerabilities keep showing up, the convergence of IT and OT will bring clear and tangible advantages to … Read more

Should Schoolgirls Be Allowed to Wear Short Skirts in School?

Warmer questions Did you wear a uniform at school? What was it and did you like wearing it? Have school uniforms become fashionable these days? Reading section Individually uniform A school uniform is a compulsory set of standardized clothes worn for an educational institution. Wearing a school uniform is considered to be a British tradition … Read more

Why Is Motivational Speaking Valuable?

Vаluе оf Моtіvаtіоnаl Ѕреаkіng іn Моdеrn Тіmеs Lіfе, thеsе dауs, hаs bесоmе quіtе еаsу bесаusе оf thе mаtеrіаlіstіс fасіlіtіеs аvаіlаblе. Тесhnоlоgісаl dеvеlорmеnt оf thе 20th сеnturу hаs mаdе thіs роssіblе. Оn thе оthеr hаnd, thіs рrоgrеss hаs аlsо mаdе lіfе muсh dіffісult. Wіth mоrе аnd mоrе mаtеrіаlіstіс рrоgrеss, wоrk strеss, іnсеssаnt fоrсе аnd ехtrеmе соmреtіtіоn … Read more

Business: The Challenges of Intellectual Property

Technician using a microscope. How to protect intellectual property

There are many advantages to securing intellectual property rights. IP protects a business’ name and logo, designs, inventions, works, and intellectual innovations. For the con side, the elevated costs of intellectual property rights also raise some questions, especially for start-up innovators. However, given the substantial complexity involved with IPR and its implementation against possible theft, … Read more